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The Friends are always pleased to receive feedback on how their grants have benefitted grant recipients.  They are therefore delighted with the many positive responses they have been receiving from grateful members of the Great Bedwyn Friendship and Mobility Group.

Late last year the Friends provided a grant of £1,000 to the Great Bedwyn Friendship and Mobility Group to help with the cost of running its fitness sessions.

The Group, now in its second year, enables older and more vulnerable people living in and around Great Bedwyn to attend regular afternoon fitness sessions, whilst also combining it with a social occasion.  It is the only exercise group in Great Bedwyn that is designed with older people in mind, and includes activites such as chair yoga.  Additionally, the Group helps support carers who are able to take a break while the person they care for is supported at the Group.

There can be no doubt that the Group is having a positive impact in enabling older and vulnerable people in Great Bedwyn to maintain their mobility and overall health and wellbeing.

Here are some of the comments from the Group’s members:

“Mobility and Friendship.   It is what it says!  I have enjoyed coming to these exercise sessions since you set up this group and appreciate it more each week.   Hen and Jenny create interesting lessons for us, ones that suit our different abilities.  The ‘workouts’ are stimulating and relaxing, are fun and, above all, beneficial – for both mobility and friendship. It has brought a lot of people together who might not otherwise have met, and created new friendships.  The tea and biscuits at ‘half time’ are welcome too.”

“I have loved the combination of fitness and chair yoga, and coupled with the tea and biscuit and group friendliness, I have really enjoyed attending.  I’ve noticed the physical and mental benefits and I actively look forward to each session.”

“I have only been coming to the class for a short time but find the exercises helpful to strengthen my legs (which can be wobbly at times). I also enjoy the yoga which I have not done before.”

​“Every week I look forward to going to the exercise and yoga classes as we have such fun, make new friends and enjoy the social side over a cup of tea and biscuits.

I feel I have benefited health wise as I am more supple and fitter, and feel years younger!  When I miss a class I notice I am not as agile and can’t wait for the next Wednesday to see my friends.”

“It is about one year since I suffered my minor stroke. My right arm and leg were affected and the classes on Wednesday afternoons have been invaluable in getting them to move in a way which is more or less back to normal. A number of my fellow participants have commented on the progress I have made.

The classes make us work hard but they are also good fun. The whole group is very friendly which makes the experience even more enjoyable.”

Mary Soellner, Care Coordinator for Great Bedwyn Surgery, who submitted the grant application, told the Friends “Our fitness trainer is now working in some local care homes, having built up her experience in our class, so we really feel that we are benefitting the wider community….”

The Friends wish the Group every success for the future.

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