Marlborough Area Board became scam aware

Friends against scams

Marlborough Area Board held a very successful meeting on Tuesday this wee where the theme was becoming aware of scams and how to avoid them both for ourselves and in others.

Staff from Wiltshire’s Trading Standards led a very useful ‘Friends Against Scams’ awareness session.  This looked at some of the common ways scammers try to get us to part with our cash or our personal details and how to avoid them.  The session also looked at the types of people most commonly targeted.  These tend to be older, lonely or more vulnerable people – answering the scammers’ mail or phone calls might be the only contact these people might receive in a day.  They can be almost groomed by the scammers into thinking it natural to send off large sums of money and do so time and again.

The scam can often go unreported because the victim does not want people to know they have been tricked or fooled.  Another aim of Friends Against Scams is to let other people know how common this is so they can look out for vulnerable people in their communities and try to prevent them from becoming victims.

If you would like more information about becoming a Friend Against Scams or if you are worried someone you know might be a victim of a scam, please go to to find out more

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