Marlborough Campus July update

Marlborough Campus July update

The group set up to help develop a campus proposal for the Marlborough community area is preparing to meet with services and organisations that may be interested in playing role in this initiative.

The Marlborough Community Operations Board (COB) was set up by the local area board to help ensure the views and needs of local people are well reflected in the proposals that are developed.

The campus initiative is being developed by Wiltshire Council which is working in closely with partners and local communities that will bring together a wide range of services and facilities that are tailored to local needs.

The first campus is set to open in Corsham later this year and similar projects are being developed across the county.

The Marlborough COB is keen to meet with any local group or organisation that would like to find out more about the campus initiative.

The COB at its last meeting also elected George Hayles as its chairman and Richard Clarke as its deputy chairman.

You can find out more about the Marlborough Campus project by calling 01225 718350 or emailing

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