Tackling inequality in Marlborough

Spirit Level


MONDAY 30th April 2018

Inequality is making our lives poorer 

An illustrated talk and interactive discussion with
Martin Wilkinson

Martin is a member of the Equality Trust and brother of Richard Wilkinson co-author of ‘The Spirit Level’

Economic growth has done much to improve living conditions. If Britain were now to switch focus and concentrate on making its citizens’ incomes as equal as those of people in Japan and Scandinavia we could each have;

* seven extra weeks’ holiday a year
* we would be thinner
* we would live a year or so longer
* we would trust each other more.

These are some of the conclusions of a book called The Spirit Level.  The authors, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, point out that the life-diminishing effects of valuing wealth above equality in rich societies can be seen all around us. Inequality causes shorter, unhealthier and unhappier lives.

VENUE St Peter’s Church, Marlborough High Street

TIME 7:30pm (Tea and coffee available from 7pm)

Everyone welcome

Inequality affects us all . Please come and join the discussion.

(voluntary collection at end of meeting to cover costs)

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